About Us / Our Difference

We are NOT recruiters

That’s right. We do NOT receive a commission from employers if you secure employment via an introduction from us. So, employers can save thousands of dollars by accepting our referrals and accessing our services. All our networks and introductions come as part of the service to you and are free of charge to the employer.

We communicate directly with employers and encourage you to do the same

Often professionals without local experience find that recruiters are of little help. So why spend time with recruiters if you’re not getting anywhere? Our moto… If something is not working, stop doing it.

Of course there are recruiters who are useful and we refer you where appropriate. If our introduction to a recruiter leads to an interview with an employer, that’s great for you and the recruiter. Again, we do not seek a fee from the recruiter in this instance; we have a unique business model.

We take job searching to the next level

Of course, we are experts in...

  • the preparation of documents – resumes, key selection criteria, cover letters, emails to employers, LinkedIn profile, etc.
  • interview coaching
  • networking

… but it’s the subtle details in your communication with employers that is often stopping you from getting a job.

  • How do you handle phone calls from employers, used as a screening device to assess your communication skills and professionalism?
  • Who is proof reading all of your written correspondence after modifications have been made?
  • Who do you ask for advice on the Australian workplace & culture, and employer expectations?
  • Who can you seek guidance from on an ongoing basis?

Our networks are enormous and our social media reach is extensive

We are drawing on many years’ experience in assisting overseas born professionals find work, and supporting them once they do.

We service overseas born professionals ONLY

We understand who you are and the barriers you face:

  • a recruitment system that shuts out professionals without local experience
  • cross-cultural issues
  • communication skills
  • lack of a local network

You may be experiencing one or more of the above. We understand, and know how to help.

Our network connections have empathy for your situation

Many of the professionals in our network were in your position 2… 5… 10 years ago, and are now established in their careers. They are happy to help you because they’ve been there. They understand the stress and hardship of settling into Australia and the difficulty in finding meaningful work.

We come from a language background

With 25 years of experience in teaching English as an additional language (EAL/ESL), we can identify and remedy issues you may have with communication and presenting yourself in the most professional manner. The initial needs analysis will identify if language is an issue we need to address. We also understand that for advanced speakers of English such as skilled migrants, the last place you want to be is in an English class. There are far more effective ways of addressing this area of weakness.

We pride ourselves on our integrity.

Read our testimonials, or ask any of our LinkedIn connections what they think of us. A successful outcome for you is our greatest advertisement. So, that’s why we do that little bit extra to assist you in achieving your goals. We are passionate about our work, and you’ll appreciate that 24/7 feel you’ll get when you join OBP Australia.