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Javed’s Story

Javed has been working as a Business Analyst with a good company in Melbourne for the past two years. He feels underpaid and undervalued. He thinks he is not being given more challenging, client facing roles because of his limited communication skills and lack of understanding of Australian culture. He knows his written reports have grammatical errors – another barrier to career advancement.

On top of all that, his colleagues go to the pub every Friday after work. Javed doesn’t drink alcohol and feels uncomfortable being around his work mates after they’ve had a few drinks. He doesn’t understand half of their jokes and occasionally feels as though he is the joke. He is considering leaving his employer but fears it will just be the same anywhere in Australia. Javed feels like he doesn’t fit in.

Are you currently employed in Australia but not satisfied with your job? Would you like to secure a promotion or better job but are not sure how to go about it?

Do you lack the confidence to speak up at meetings, give persuasive presentations or deal with clients?

Do you need someone to consult about…?

  • problems you are facing at work
  • Australian culture and the workplace
  • English language
  • Expanding your industry networks

Are you nervous about an upcoming performance review or presentations for your manager?

The mentoring service offers tailored advice and support for 6 or 12 months with the same mentor who understands the issues you are facing:

Your mentor will provide:

  • a response to emails within 24 hours
  • career advice
  • telephone or face-to-face support
  • assistance with job applications
  • opportunities for networking
  • tailored communication skills tuition