Services / Workplace Writing

Do you have problems writing cohesive, error free reports and emails?

Is it holding you back in your profession and stopping you getting that promotion?

Our tailored approach works as follows:

  1. You email us up to four samples of your writing used in your job. A maximum of 1000 words per submission or a total of 4000 words.
    We identify your errors and offer strategies for improving your writing, based on actual examples* from your workplace
  2. You submit a sample of a model piece of writing – something of a standard to which you would aspire.

We will show you how to reach that standard by providing tailored strategies to improve your writing.

Unlike most professional writing classes, we start with your writing and the type of writing you would like to produce, guaranteeing useful advice and guidance.

*You are responsible for de-identifying all writing samples prior to submitting to OBP Australia. Writing samples should not be of a sensitive nature, and you must ensure confidentiality is respected at all times. We do not take responsibility for the illegal sharing of workplace documents.Your mentor can explain further how to ensure confidentiality of submissions.

#Your mentor will explain the most efficient way to submit samples in order to receive maximum benefit from the service.