Would your organisation like to …

save money on recruitment costs?


host a qualified and experienced professional on an unpaid work placement?

Why use OBP Australia to supplement your existing recruitment process?

  • It’s FREE. That’s right, OBP Australia does not seek a referral commission or any type of fee from an employer; we are not recruiters.
  • We can introduce you to professionals from a range of industries based on your skills set requirements. Simply tell us what type of professional you are seeking, and we can forward the resumes of relevant candidates.
  • We can liaise with your HR or technical managers to provide further information about potential candidates
  • You can feel good about helping professionals who are being blocked by a recruitment system that disadvantages those who don’t have local experience. Many OBP Australia clients have in excess of 10 years’ experience internationally - all have Australian Permanent Residency or full working rights, some even have a small amount of local experience.

What are the benefits of hosting an unpaid work placement?

For the employer…

  • You get to view a potential applicant actually working on the job, which provides you with an insight into the candidate’s suitability, something that is difficult to assess through interview alone.
  • There is no obligation to employ the participant at the end of the placement, nor is there an expectation from the participant that there is a job at the end
  • The participant comes with Work Placement Insurance cover at no cost to your organisation

For the participant…

  • Local experience. No local experience is the main barrier for overseas born professionals to securing relevant employment
  • A local referee
  • Exposure to Australian workplace culture and language
  • Experience dealing with industry standards and codes
  • Professional development advice from colleagues


How can OBP Australia provide this service free of charge to the employer?

  • We offer a range of employment preparation services for which our clients are charged a moderate fee. Feel free to check out our rates in the Services section of our website. Our clients receive one-to-one guidance and advice from experienced professionals at reasonable rates.
  • In addition to our Employment Preparation Service packages, we offer a range of fee-based services including: webinars; interview coaching; networking; mentoring; and professional writing, communication and pronunciation skills tuition, which cross-subsidise the work placement and referral services.