1Can you get me a job in my profession?
Your success in finding a job will be dependent on a number of factors. If we think we can’t help you, we will tell you before you purchase any of our services. Our services will dramatically enhance your ability to find professional employment.
2How is OBP Australia different from other programs designed to assist skilled migrants?
  • OBP Australia is a service, not a course. You have access to forums, workshops & webinars and one-to-one support tailored to your needs.
  • We can assist with work placements nationwide
3Why would an employer want to host me on a work placement?
  • As the work placement is unpaid, there is no cost to the employer
  • There is no obligation for an employer to employ you, nor should you have an expectation that there will be a job at the end of the placement
  • The work placement is an opportunity for the host employer to get to know you and observe you in the workplace. Your performance on work placement reveals a lot more about you and your abilities than what can be gleaned from a job interview
  • We do not charge a commission from the host employer should they offer you a contract at the end of the placement. Unlike the conventional recruitment processes, the service is FREE to employers
  • Many Australian employers have a strong social conscience and see hosting as a community service
4How much support can I get?
Each of our service packages is designed to give you as much support as you need. As part of the initial consultation, we will help you to select the most appropriate service for your needs.
5I hope to get a job quickly. Why does the Premium Package offer support for 12 months?
Hopefully it won’t take 12 months to get a job, but it may take longer than you think. The 12 month period is there just in case it does take that long. Also, even after you obtain employment, you can still receive support until the end of the 12 month period. Post-employment support may consist of advice regarding Australian workplace culture, professional communication skills, career advancement, etc. We check to see how you are going in your new role.
6Is the service provided online or face-to-face?
Both. The OBP Australia office is in Melbourne, and you are welcome to make an appointment and come in if it is convenient for you. You can access our services from anywhere in the world. We have services for those already in Australia and for those planning to come.
7Why do I need to do an unpaid industry placement if I already have international experience?
You may not need to do an industry placement, but it is good to keep an open mind. Unfortunately, many overseas born professionals find it difficult to secure employment without local industry contacts.
8Why do I need insurance to do an industry placement?
Australian employees automatically have insurance by law. If you are undertaking an unpaid placement, you are not considered an employee; therefore you will need to have your own insurance. We will advise you on how to obtain insurance and liaise with the employer to explain the arrangements.
9Is the cost of insurance included in the $990 Premium service fee?
No, you will be required to pay an additional fee for insurance cover. The premium cost could range from $130 - $220 depending on the duration, type of placement and Australian State in which the placement is undertaken.
10What is the duration of an unpaid industry placement?
It is a requirement for the placement to have an end date. You want paid employment, not to be in an unpaid arrangement indefinitely. We would suggest a placement should not exceed 3 weeks.
11Will OBP Australia introduce me to recruiters?
Not generally. We encourage communication directly with employers. We can introduce you to professionals from your industry with whom you can speak regarding employment opportunities or industry placement. We believe in the direct approach. If we are aware of a recruiter who is able to set up an interview or introduce you to an employer, we will be happy to refer you.
12Does OBP Australia receive a commission from the employer if I am offered a contract by the host employer?
No. There is no cost to the employer for hosting a placement. This is one of the reasons employers find the placement proposal appealing.
13Can I organise a work placement from overseas?
No. However, you can do much of the preparation required by researching relevant companies/ organisations, dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to secure a work placement. By attending webinars you will learn how to identify suitable employers.
14Can you help me find unskilled paid work to help me pay the bills while I am looking for professional employment?
We can advise you on where you may find such work, but it is not our main role. The service is designed to assist you in the transition to professional employment in Australia.
15Will I get paid while on the industry placement?
There is no requirement for the employer to pay you; it is voluntary.
16Can you guarantee that I will be able to do an unpaid industry placement?
No. If you have good international experience and your skills are in demand, you should be able to find a placement if you follow our advice. Fresh graduates or those with limited experience may have more difficulty in securing an industry placement.
17Will I get a job after the industry placement?
There is no obligation for the employer to offer you a job at the end of the placement, nor should you have an expectation that you will be offered a job. However, many employers use the placement period to observe your performance and are welcome to offer you a contract. Employers may see you as a prospective applicant for upcoming opportunities, using the placement process to supplement their existing recruitment process.
18Why should I do a placement if there is no guarantee of a job?
The placement will provide important local experience which is highly valued in Australia. If you are not offered employment by the host employer, you would hope to get a local referee who can vouch for you when applying for jobs.
19Can I access OBP Australia services if I am not a permanent resident?
Yes, but your visa subclass may influence your ability to find a placement or paid work. We can discuss this with you before you decide to use our services.
20Can I get a job in Australia if I don’t have Permanent Residency (PR)?
Yes, as long as you have working rights. Some employers may prefer applicants with PR.
21How do I find an industry placement?
We will take you through the process which begins with you identifying the actual companies you’d like to target. There are several ways to obtain a placement, but you can do the background work now by researching your industry in Australia. We deliver a webinar to prepare you before you arrive in the country.
22Do you assist with immigration matters?
No, you need to seek advice from a registered migration agent or the Department of Immigration. OBP Australia can refer you to a migration agent.
23Do I need to residency in Australia to do a placement?
Yes, residency is required for industry placement insurance.