Services / Work Placement

OBP Australia can assist you in facilitating an unpaid work placement with an employer from your industry in any state in Australia. To be eligible, you need to purchase the Employment Preparation Premium Service which includes an unpaid work placement*.

Unpaid placements are generally not appropriate in client-facing roles such as sales, as employers are reluctant to have you as the ‘face of the company’ when you are not an employee.

 We will discuss with you further the arrangements for unpaid work placements prior to your purchasing of the Premium Service Package.

Why do an unpaid placement?

Of course, paid employment is better, and this should be your primary objective. However, there are several benefits in doing an unpaid placement if you are unable to find paid work:

  • Gain local experience and professional referees
  • Gain an understanding of Australian workplace culture
  • Gain exposure to Australian standards – eg. building codes and regulations
  • Improve your communication skills and confidence

*We can assist in facilitating a work placement if appropriate and where available.

If you undertake a work placement, you will be required to take out insurance for the duration of the placement. We can assist you in this process. The cost for work placement insurance varies depending on the duration, type of work & the state of Australia in which the placement is being undertaken.

Premiums will vary from approx. $130 - $220.

An exact cost will be provided prior to embarking on a placement.

*OBP Australia does not guarantee that you will be offered a placement.