Ryan Godage

Banking Administration Specialist

As they say, we do not get a second chance to make a first impression, do we? So if you are in Australia trying to find your niche or planning to come here, then it is vitally important that you seek the right advice. The right advice to hone your communication skills; the right advice to write a powerful resume and a cover letter; the right advice to help you understand Australian culture and workplaces. If this is what you are after, look no further. Terry is just the person and I cannot recommend him highly enough. When I came to Melbourne in August 2011 from Sri Lanka, I'd only known "seek.com.au". It is Terry who helped us understand Aussie culture, improve our interview and telephone skills, and introduced a very effective format for the resume and cover letter which has secured me many professional interviews. Terry's down to earth approach to dealing with us, the simple yet very effective method of communication and his engaging personality make working with him a sheer joy. Now I'm working for one of Australia's leading companies in the finance team, thanks to Terry. If you too want the same success with a pleasant struggle, if you want to take the bull by the horns, then as I said already, I cannot recommend Terry highly enough. Good luck guys! I could do it. So can you!

Kailash Singh

Procurement Engineer

Terry is a person who knows the Australian work culture and job environment better than anyone I have met so far. Apart from that, his understanding about different cultures is good. He is the one who knows what are the differences between our culture and the Australian culture and guided me and others on what one can do to overcome them. He can guide anyone on the most minute of details which most of the time we think aren't of much importance and later on while working I realized these things matter a lot. His networking is also very wide; it's because of him only that I got my work placement and later an offer for the job. He is the one who understands the different types of industries well. Please consider English classes too; generally there is a difference not only in speaking but how we write English too.

Nitya Shivraj

Mortgage Broker

In life, “Change” is a constant factor and transitioning through the changing phases at times is tough. Especially when you have the big physical ones like changing jobs or moving across country. When I moved to Australia four years ago I needed some help adjusting to this change and understand how to get back into my preferred career path. Terry helped me make the transition with his supportive coaching technique. Over a period of few months Terry helped me understand the nuances of applying for a job in Australia and I was successful in procuring a job with one of the Big Four Banks. In addition, Terry also helped with my personal development and helped me review my interactions with my peers and make substantive changes which assisted me with the interview process.

Rajith Perera

Mechanical Engineer (Procurement & Project Control) From Sri Lanka

As a newly arrived professional in Australia, I received valuable advice and guidance from Terry in securing employment in the Victorian job market. Terry is a terrific teacher, in English language for overseas born professionals with special emphasis on the Australian work place culture and ethics. Starting from preparing a good resume, he guided me in selecting employers for work placements and follow up procedures in securing a rewarding job.

Sajid Latif

IT Business Analyst - Salmat, Melbourne

When you come to a new land, there are new rules and new culture. You feel excited and worried for your future. What is the first thing I should do?  The best thing is to get help early when you are motivated and enjoying a new chapter in your life. I feel lucky to have met Terry when I immigrated to Melbourne. Terry is a true leader, excellent coach, best career advisor and gives you the confidence to be successful in your leap of faith (immigration). Most recommended to anyone who is new or to the ones who have struggled a lot and now want some help.

Yasir Ashraf

Industrial Engineer - Pakistan

Experience is what everyone brings from their country but to get a break in an Australian Industry you need some tools and techniques, and to learn those technique practically there is no other right person than Terry. He knows the problems for overseas professionals and solves them as if he has faced all of those himself. He is skilful, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experience.