About Us / People

Terry O’Reilly, OBP Australia Founder, has interviewed and advised over 5,000 overseas born professionals in the past 18 years, assisting in the transition to employment in Australia.

Through his 25 years’ experience as an English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher and industry liaison, he has developed a deep understanding of the systemic barriers & cross cultural issues facing newly arrived skilled migrants. He has a reputation for integrity and hard work, sharing his extensive networks to help his clients achieve their goals.

Terry established OBP Australia for the following reasons:


  • reduce the time it takes for professionals to find work, by offering services prior to arriving in Australia
  • provide services to professionals nationwide
  • help professionals realise their potential through skill development for career advancement


OBP Australia engages a range of consultants including industry experts, counsellors and teachers. Our consultants have industry currency and an understanding of the settlement experience of overseas born professionals. Many of the consultants are overseas born professionals themselves who have managed to succeed in securing employment, thereby having empathy for the current crop trying to get a foot in the door. They are very willing to share their secrets and advise accordingly.