10 most frequent comments from overseas born professionals

What are you sending to employers?
April 20, 2015
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10 most frequent comments from overseas born professionals

  1. I’m fully qualified and have extensive experience. Why can’t I get a job in Australia?
  2. Everybody keeps telling me I need local experience. How can I get local experience if nobody will give me a chance?
  3. Why do I need local experience when I’ve already had more than 10 years’ international experience?
  4. I thought there was a skills shortage in Australia. Why can’t I get a job?
  5. I’ve sent over 200 applications to jobs advertised on employment sites, not one response.
  6. Everyone tells me I’m over-qualified.
  7. When a recruiter advertises a job, does that job really exist?
  8. Why won’t recruiters refer me to the employer?
  9. How do you answer behavioural interview questions?
  10. How can I convince people I can do the job?

These 10 comments reflect the one concern held by many overseas born professionals…

How can I get a job?

The good news is… there are ways to secure professional employment, but you will need to take these 3 steps:

  1. Understand your industry and know your potential employers in Australia
  2. Identify your barriers to employment. Not everybody will be facing the same barriers
  3. Remove the barriers

It is likely that you will need guidance in taking these steps.

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