What are you sending to employers?

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February 25, 2015
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What are you sending to employers?

There is no shortage of advice on what makes an effective resume. Above all, the reader needs to know, in as few words as possible, who you are what you have done that is relevant to their needs. It also needs to look professional – well formatted with no mistakes. This advice is ubiquitous and obvious you say? True.

However, where applicants often fall down is at a deeper level. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is your resume tailored to the job for which you are applying? Or is it the same one you’ve sent to dozens of employers?
  2. Do you really understand what the advertised job involves? If you don’t, how can you convince an employer that you can do the job?
  3. If you have modified a resume that has been developed for you, has a reliable person proof read the version you’re sending to the employer? A single spelling mistake or typo could cost you an interview. So much effort goes into producing a job application, but if you don’t have someone to proof read what is actually going to the employer, you could be wasting your time applying.
  4. Is your cover letter, key selection criteria, email and LinkedIn profile of the same quality as your resume? If your resume is clear, concise and error free, but your email message is a grammatical eyesore, it will be clear to the reader that someone else has produced your resume, and the quality of your work is reflected in the accompanying text as substandard.

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