The Australian Workplace – Are you fitting in?

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April 20, 2015
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April 27, 2015
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The Australian Workplace – Are you fitting in?

So you’ve managed to land a decent job in Australia in a good company. Finally, you are recognised as a talented professional. Congratulations!

Who would’ve thought that finding a job was the easy part? After six months in the job you’re feeling like a flat Sherrin (see image).

Many overseas born professionals in Australia struggle with…

  • Being assertive in the new culture
  • Negotiating with clients
  • Speaking confidently at meetings
  • Writing effective emails and reports
  • Expressing thoughts fluently and to the depth required
  • Understanding the Australian humour, slang and accent
  • Finding common ground for conversations with colleagues
  • Difficult colleagues
  • Operating at a level of formality much lower than in workplaces overseas
  • A flatter organisational structure. Your manager actually wants your advice?
  • Demonstrating initiative in solving problems
  • Friday night drinks
  • Incessant conversation about the footy
  • Gender roles

Fitting-in can be one of the hardest things to achieve in a new culture and causes great stress for many overseas born professionals.

What if you had…

  • Someone to talk to about your workplace problems
  • Opportunities to practise your workplace communication in a friendly, fun, non-threatening environment
  • Access to explanations about things that are puzzling you
  • Opportunities to learn more about Australian culture (and footy) and explore the language and humour
  • Feedback on your writing and strategies to improve

The ability to progress in your career is often dependent on your workplace interactions and dealing with people.

OBP Australia is able to support overseas born professionals through its 20 week Workplace Communication Skills Program delivered face-to-face and online.

Take charge of your career.

Register for the upcoming FREE Webinar and explore the OBP Australia services available to overseas born professionals.

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